One of Titanus’ peculiarities has always been great attention for its audiences of reference. And in the Eighties this public increasingly gave up cinema theatres in favour of the domestic comfort of a new screen: television. In 1989, following disappointing revenue from the film Buon Natale, Buon Anno (Luigi Comencini, 1989), Lombardo decided to leave film production definitely, in order to begin a new adventure in the world of TV fictions: “Producing for television is different from producing for cinema. Maybe it’s a little less risky, it’s certainly less thrilling.” Goffredo Lombardo adopted his father Gustavo’s precepts in this case too, always endeavouring to draw in spectators, even the lazier and shrewder ones.

The baton has now passed on to his son Guido: like his father Goffredo, he grew up learning that success is determined by professional rigour and quality.